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  • Runningfireclawheart


    December 8, 2015 by Runningfireclawheart

    If this wiki is a succes, it will be fairly big. Which sadly, means there will be some trolling, and in that there might be some proof needed, so I am going to put this out there: We do not allow screenshots as proof. If you use a screenshot to be proof, then we will not block the user or anything,  or block you, we will just ignore it.

    If the talk in which the user abused or spammed you was on a thread, or a message wall, leave it. This my seem strage, but the user will not be blocked if the thread is not there, as there will be no proof. No matter how many screen-shots you take, the user will not be blocked if we are unable to view a message wall or forum thread in whish the user abused you, since anyone can fake a screenshot, and with no…

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